Security Containers

On-Site Service

On-Site Service

Extremely sensitive files and documents can be destroyed at your location with our mobile destruction unit. This is the highest level of security and confidentiality.

Off-Site Service

Off-Site Service

Off-site Your confidential files can also be picked up by our truck and transported in locked containers. These are destroyed at our secure shredding facility. This is the most cost effective solution.

Drop-Off Service (Witnessed)

Drop-Off Service (Witnessed)

Drop-off You may also drop off your records at our secure facility and witness them being destroyed. No appointment is necessary.

Product Destruction

Product Destruction

We offer product destruction which may include any recalled, obsolete and/or discontinued products, manufacturing overruns etc. Our services include but are not limited to the destruction of apparel, shoes and toys.

South Bay Containers

The 175 Gallon 4 Wheel Secure Collection Cart

175 Gallon 4 Wheel Secure Collection Cart


660 liter
Capacity: up to 600 lbs
Dimensions: 30″ W x 54″ D x 49″ H



The Euro 95 Gallon Container

Euro 95 Gallon Container


360 liter
Capacity: up to 330 lbs
Dimensions: 24″ W x 35″ D x 43″ H



The Euro 65 Gallon Container

Euro 65 Gallon Container


240 liter
Capacity: up to 225 lbs
Dimensions: 23″ W x 29″ D x 42″ H





The Executive Console

Executive Console


Capacity: up to 80 lbs
Dimensions: 20″ W x 15″ D x 36″ H



The Mini Console

Mini Console


Capacity: up to 50 lbs
Dimensions: 20″ W x 15″ D x 24″ H


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